As Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Expert Witnesses, we offer the following assistance:

  • Advise counsel (both plaintiff and defense) in personal injury cases including medical malpractice cases, motor vehicle accidents and workers’ compensation cases
  • Research and thoroughly analyze the labor market and determine employment opportunities and earning potential of a client
  • Provide comprehensive reports citing conclusions and recommendations regarding employability
  • Assist in quantifying any earning capacity losses


Leslie Vocational Consulting, Inc. assists you in any type of case involving an injury, accident or other disabling condition.  It is important to determine the economic value attributed to that case. Most likely, there will be a loss of earning capacity and a vocational expert will identify what that loss would be and assist in defining the best course of action.

As Vocational Experts, we provide testimony on educational and occupational skills, and the transferability of those skills into the current job market.  We also provide record review and testimony in cases that involve medical malpractice, personal injury, Social Security and any situation in which the employability of an individual is in question.

As Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, we provide exclusive solutions to your case through personal interviews, meticulous research, labor market analysis and vocational testing.  Our record of client satisfaction and return referrals is testimony to our quality and superior services.