“We are proud that our staff consists of well-educated and extremely knowledgeable professionals. They are all credentialed and licensed to provide testimony and services throughout our market area. Expanding into Delaware and Maryland is a natural growth area and will be an exciting challenge for our firm. We will also enhance the amount of experience we bring to the table,” stated President Terry Leslie.

We thank you for continuing to trust in our firm and we will do our best to provide our clients with the highest level of ability and professionalism. Please contact Terry Leslie at tleslie@leslievc.com. Also, you may contact us at our office 717-435-9693, if we can assist you.

Terry Leslie recently published Introduction to Becoming a Vocational Expert through Elliott & Fitzpatrick, www.elliottfitzpatrick.com and has been teaching a course based on his text book through the American Board of Vocational Experts. In addition, he just completed his term as being the president of this organization.