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A vocational expert can aid in quantifying losses in workers’ compensation, wrongful death, medical malpractice and other areas of civil litigation. In worker’s compensation claims, a vocational expert can help to determine if there is appropriate employment with the current employer by analyzing the injured worker’s education, skills and abilities.

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We provide crucial and thorough facts regarding the injured worker’s future in the workforce. In any type of litigation involving an injury, it is important to determine the economic value attributed to that case. Most likely, there will be a loss of earning capacity and a vocational expert will identify what that loss would be and assist in defining the best course of action.

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Terry P. Leslie, M.Ed., D/ABVE, CRC, LPC has years of experience in the field and has given testimony in hundreds of cases.

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Leslie Vocational Consulting works with employers, insurance carriers, attorneys, third party administrators and injured employees to provide vocational rehabilitation services and expert testimony in Workers’ Compensation, Long-Term Disability Claims, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Marital Law, and Employment Law Cases

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The professionals at Leslie Vocational Consulting, Inc. apply their expertise to full vocational rehabilitation services including vocational assessments and testing, evaluation, job analysis, and return to work arrangements. The professionals at Leslie Vocational Consulting, Inc. address your unique needs as an expert witness firm to assist you in creating an effective strategy for your case. We offer premier professional services:

  • Knowledgeable and Credentialed Professionals
  • Integrity and thoroughness in every case
  • Expertise within the Pennsylvania labor market
  • Consultations with legal and medical professionals
  • Strategy and conferences with clients for case development

Leslie Vocational Consulting, Inc. is uniquely positioned to offer both vocational evaluations and economic loss projections in any injury-related litigation. In even the most difficult circumstances, there is always potential. We work diligently to create a unique approach to fit your needs and we strive for a successful outcome.